Admission into the IB program is exactly the same as admission into any other gymnasium program:
  • For those students in year 9, apply for Carlforsska / IB (IB_CA) during your application process (presently via Dexter in January / February) 
  • For those students who are already following a gymnasium program and wish to transfer, speak to your “SYV” (studie- yrkes vägledare) about transferring into our program. 
  • For those students who are presently completing the språkintroduction program, speak to your “SYV” (studievägledare) who will help guide you through our entrance tests (see below) 
  • For those students who have recently arrived in Sweden and have not completed year 9 of högstadiet in Sweden you will have to complete our entrance tests (see below) 
Entrance tests
Entrance tests are only required for those students who recently arrived in Sweden. Students that are within the Swedish system already, need not complete entrance tests as they should qualify for entrance through their "behörighet". If you have not completed year 9 in högstadiet in Sweden, you do not have full qualifications to study at gymnasiet in Sweden. This also applies to the IB program.

If you have completed a minimum of 9 years of education in total, then you may be eligible to enter the IB program if your English and Maths skills are comparable to a typical student entering the program from the Swedish system. Note, you must also have a copy of your certificates / grades from your previous school (s) translated into Swedish or English (by a certified person). For the vast majority of students, entrance into year one (pre-DP) is the best option.

For a small minority of students, entrance into year two may be possible. Direct entrant into the DP is only possible if you have completed a minimum of 10 years of prior schooling AND you have shown competence within your selected subjects as well as an aptitude towards learning AND you have prior knowledge of the IB system (for instance, you have completed the MYP or you have completed a preDP course elsewhere or similar).

The entrance tests for entry into year two (DP1) consists of three parts:
  • Part 1 is a Maths Exams, where your maths skills will be tested. 
  • Part 2 is an English Exam, where your reading comprehension and writing skills will be tested. General grammar and vocabulary skills will be emphasised. 
  • Part 3 is a test in one of the subjects that you wish to take for HL, to confirm that you have the correct background and aptitude for direct entrance to year 2. 
All 3 tests are around 90 minutes long.

Note, if there is vocabulary in the above section that you don’t understand (like “MYP” or “HL”) then you are more suited for entrance into year 1.

Presently we have two opportunities to offer the entrance tests. Once at the end of term around end of May / beginning of June and then we have another opportunity at the start of term, mid August. Aspirant students would sit one or the other test, not both.

Entrance directly into DP2 (the final year of studies) is not available.